Brightbox allows Puerto Ricans to create solar power and store it for when they need it most for a low, upfront cost. Our high-quality systems are built to last and constructed to withstand the harshest conditions. They’re also serviced by our team of solar experts and local partners, so that you’ll always be prepared before, during, and after the next storm strikes.


By installing Sunrun Brightbox solar battery storage in Puerto Rico, you will have the freedom to create your own energy and power through blackouts. If you live on the island, you know better than anyone that sunshine is abundant in Puerto Rico. With Brightbox, you can finally bask in the benefits of this natural, available resource.

Solar-as-a-Service Puts You First

We know that you’d pay anything to be protected during a disaster, but you shouldn’t have to. That’s why our solar-as-a-service and home battery is available at a low upfront cost through BrightSave™ Monthly, our comprehensive solar lease. BrightSave is more than just a way to store power. It’s a superior solar battery storage service that comes with proactive maintenance, ongoing monitoring, and a 25-year service agreement that puts you first. In Puerto Rico, creating and saving solar power can now be hassle- and worry-free.

Backup Power You Can Rely On

No matter what happens in the future, Sunrun plans to be there before, during, and after the storm. Brightbox gives Puerto Ricans peace of mind during emergencies, while ensuring optimal performance during extreme weather. Using high quality solar panels, Sunrun helps you harness the sun’s power through your roof. This solar system charges a powerful lithium-ion battery, using Brightbox intelligence to switch to backup power durings an outage. For 10 hours or more at a time, it can keep your lights on, your food cold, and your home connected. This simple system repeats itself daily when the sun comes up, providing reliable clean energy for your home for days at a time. Without the need for constant refueling, Brightbox can also be more affordable and reliable than generators, which can be costly to refuel and maintain.


Save your solar power with battery storage for when you need it most. Not only can a home solar battery offer backup energy, but it can also optimize your solar savings based on your utility charges.1 As more homeowners go solar, battery storage will be the key to long-term savings.2 When you choose a Brightbox battery, you’re choosing peace of mind. You only have to turn on the news to know that storms are getting worse,3 and infrastructure is becoming increasingly vulnerable to unpredictable weather.4 With Sunrun Brightbox™, you can boost your energy independence with solar storage that puts you in control



Solar power is yours for the saving. Whether it’s keeping you from spending too much on a dirty generator, or the battery kicks in when your electricity peaks during Time of Use (TOU) rates, Brightbox will use your stored solar energy to help ensure the lowest utility bill payment possible.


Solar battery storage prices don’t have to be complicated. You can finance an energy storage solution of your own, or lease Brightbox from Sunrun. WIth Sunrun’s Brightbox, we keep solar battery storage costs efficient and affordable so you’ll never be left in the dark again.


Brightbox is here for you when you need it most. Rain or shine, energy storage means no more being left in the dark. Brightbox protects your home from power outages and keeps your lights on, your refrigerator running, and your devices charged.


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